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2014 New Lake George Boating Regulation

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January 30, 2014

Bringing a Boat to Lake George, NY this 2014 Summer?

Lake George has in the past and recently identified and become very active in preventing invasive aquatic species from entering the clean, pure waters of our Adirondack, NY lake.

The Lake George Park Commission, charged with numerous regulatory over site, in tandem with active environmental advocates such as the Lake George Association, Lake George Water Keeper, and others, has enacted strict regulations governing the launch of boats in Lake George New York waters.


Effective May, 2014, mandatory boat inspections at any of 6 regional inspection stations must certify you boat as "Clean, Drained, and Dry," after which it will be sealed to your trailer, and you may continue to any Lake George boat launching facility.   If your boat does not meet the "Clean, Drained, and Dry" regulatory standard, your boat will be directed to a "high-pressure hot water decontamination unit" prior to another inspection ensuring compliance and then sealed to your trailer.    

Visitors to Lake George might wish to themselves inspect their boat and trailer as being "Clean, Drained, and Dry" before arriving at Lake George to avoid delays in launching their boat(s).

Various launch sites around Lake George shoulder responsibility for ensuring compliance and checking for "compliance seals."   

The Lake George Park Commission will soon launch its new website and publish relevant information in order to help the public-interest with this transition and education to Lake George aquatic invasive species.


Golden Sands Resort Motel is located directly on the beautiful shore of Lake George, New York.

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2014 Cold Winter Lake George, New York

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29, 2014
2014 Cold Winter Lake George, New York - Here Come's The Lake George Winter Carnival!

                                2014 Winter ice forms around the dock at Golden Sands Resort on Lake George, New York

Lake George, New York freezes solid during winter, usually, about mid-January - February, then offering visitors and local residents "winter activities" such as snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and of course, the Lake George Winter Carnival, held every weekend in February.

This year, winter 2013-2014, brought with it exceptionally cold weather experienced throughout the northeast, leading to Lake George freezing

The 2014 Lake George Winter Carnival is held every weekend in February.

Lake George Resort, and Lake George resort motel owners and residents, employ "ice-eating" and bubbling devices to keep the ice clear around their docks and wharfs.  Without ice bubbling devices the lake ice, as it freezes, expands to freeze around docks and wharfs encapsulating the structures in thick ice, and as the ice continues to freeze and expand, pushes against the dock or wharf with pressure strong enough to literally snap the posts holding up the dock or wharf.  Eventually, the dock or wharf becomes twisted and broken.

This 2014 winter, the exceptionally cold below zero weather froze the lake early!  Great news for winter recreation, but added problems for dock/wharf owners and those who maintain them.

What's certain is that this 2014 winter should yield a fantastic 2014 Lake George Winter Carnival!  Click these links for the 2014 Lake George Winter Carnival schedule:

winter frozen waters of Lake George and winter atmospheric conditions make Lake George in winter a true "Winter Wonderland."  In the late afternoon one sees colors in the sky and on the mountains such as pinks and cool blues, purples and greens.  Ice fishing individuals are everywhere on frozen Lake George and always willing to show passers-by their catch and explain the science and craft of their trade!  It seems it's just as uncertain catching fish during winter (through ice-fishing) as it is in the spring, summer and fall!

Lake George, New York is a four-season "must see" upstate, New York travel-tourism family destination!  Winter is a romantic season to walk on the frozen waters (observe and thin-ice warnings), stroll through the Adirondack and Lake George forest, and enjoy local Lake George area restaurants!

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Golden Sands Resort waterfront beach motel is located just 3 miles north of Lake George Village in the small charming hamlet of Lake George Diamond Point, NY. (518) 668-2203


Free Events at Lake George, New York

October 12, 2013
Free Events at Lake George, New York
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This weekend here at Lake George, New York hosts the Lake George Oktoberfest in Lake George Village, a fun-filled family event, just one of many near Golden Sands Resort on Lake George in the Diamond Point area.

There's nothing better than a free family event in the Lake George-Adirondack area and in Lake George Village, and there are so many to choose from during all four seasons!  from winter's 'Ice-Out,' after the Lake George Winter Carnival, to great spring events such as Maple Sugar events, to the many arts and crafts fairs and great summer events, to the spender of fall "leaf-peeping," the Adirondack Balloon festival, Lake George Jazz Festival, free concerts in the parks of Lake George Village, this weekend's Lake George Oktoberfest, to Columbus Day Weekend free events and more!

If you're looking for a great "Family Atmosphere" resort motel located directly on Lake George with its own private beach, we have that! Give us a call or contact us by e-mail: - We're close to all the great lake George free events, and only 3 miles from Lake George Village!

There's plenty to see and do here in the Lake George region!  Visit out Golden Sands Resort "Events Calendar" to see what's happening and for all that's free and fun this and next year!

Thanks for viewing out Blog!  (518) 668-2203

                                                July 4th, 2013

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Dated: June 30, 2013


Here comes July 4th weekend at Lake George, New York, and the region gears yup for lake fun, celebrations, festivals, and week long festival in Ticonderoga, New York (only miles from Golden Sands Resort on Lake George)!

Nearby Lake George Village will be in full gear, and the Lake George Trolley's now running from the Village to all points north and south to festivities, shopping, restaurants and just about everything "Lake George!"

Warren County, New York, Lake George-Adirondacks, is currently celebrating its bicentennial with parades, activities, games, things to do, fairs, history, attractions and lectures. 

See Lake George fireworks this July 4th, 2013 from Lake George Village Shepard Park at 9:30PM. - "Lake George-Adirondack Style Rooms!"
(518) 668-2203 - Directly on the Beautiful Shores of Lake George, New York 2013 Warrensburg Bike Rally

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13, 2014        Bike Burnout Pit at the Boars Nest Bar, Fort Ann, NY

The 2013 Warrensburg Bike Rally and Americade Lake George Bike Rally

This week drew to a close the 2013 Americade Motorcycle Tour Bike Rally!  For over 25 years Americade has drawn bikers from all over the country and world to the Town of Lake George, New York to ride the Adirondack Mountains, Vermont and Canada! 

A second bike rally is now in place along side Americade ... The Warrensburg Bike Rally!  Located in the small foothill town of Warrensburg, New York, "The Gateway to the Adirondacks," just off Exit 23 of the Adirondack Northway, 5 miles west of Diamond Point, New York, and 5 miles north of the Village of Lake George (Americade's headquarters), The Warrensburg Bike Rally just finished its 12th year!

Hard to believe the rally's 12 years old ... and growing!  The rally runs for about nine days at the local fairgrounds, and bikers from all over visit to  get together for riding, clothing, leather goods, helmets, pin stripping, great food, and there's even a craft fair to compliment the biker's event!

Here's the best part ... it's free!  There's no charge to attend the Warrensburg Bike Rally!  The show's open from 8:30am until about or after 6:00pm!  This year the event raffled a 2012 Harley-Davidson XV 1200V motorcycle for a hardship fund to assist local families in need.

Thousands attend The Warrenburg Bike Rally, and 2014 should bring growth to this companion Americade Lake George Bike Rally, both close to

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                                   Lenny's "Award Winning" Americade Lake George Bike!

Lake George Elvis Festival 2013

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Sands Resort is located directly on the beautiful shores of Lake George, New York


The 2013 Lake George Elvis Festival is a must for Elvis fans of all ages!  Set at the Lake George Forum on Canada Street in Lake George Village, Elvis impersonators come from all over the country to Lake George, NY to strut their stuff!  Now in its 10th season, the event has in recent years expanded to a week-long event, this 2013 season, from May 29th through June 2nd, overlapping another great Lake Geoirge event, the 2013 Americade Motorcycle Tour Expo.  The festival features shows, kiosks with Elvis from all stages of his music career, a classic car parade on Canada Street, themed lake cruises by the Lake George Steamboat Company, after-hours parties, and, of course, Elvis souvenirs and collectibles!

Visit Lake George, NY this week and every year to enjoy the Lake George Elvis Festival, now a five-day event!

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Happy Mother's Day 2013 From Golden Sands Resort on Lake George

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Dated: May 12, 2013 - Mother's Day

                       Happy Mother's day from Golden Sands Resort on Lake George

It's May 12th, 2013, and Mother's Day here at Lake George, NY.  How did it all start?  Being born? No ... But Yes!  Mother's Day celebrates and honors our mothers and the positive maternal influences moms had upon us and society.  While Mother's Day is celebrated though out the world, the official celebration started here in the United States in the early 20th century.

In other countries, Mother' Day is associated with historical celebrations in during Greek and Roman eras, and then, Christian Mother's Sunday.  Whatever its origin and older traditions, the day has become synonymous with 'mom(s)!'

Mother's Day at Lake George, NY celebrates by enjoying a Lake George steamship ride from lake George Village north, a spring walk in the park, then off to that special Lake George restaurant where mom(s) receive the best possible restaurant table, flowers, dessert, and, of course ... a Lake George Mother's Day restaurant discount!

While modern day Mother's Day appears to have been first celebrated around 1908, in West Virginia, the holiday became commercialized in the 1920's, although historically, Mother's Day in the United States existed during the 1870's and 1880's.

This Mother's Day Blog is dedicated to my two mothers, and of course Liz!  Happy Mother's day from Golden Sands Resort on Lake George, New York!

Love, Bob        Golden Sands Resort beach and views of Lake George

Lake George-Adirondack Park Memorial Day, 2013

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Lake George-Adirondack Park Memorial Day, 2013

Here comes Memorial Day, 2013, and Lake George-Adirondack and New York State parks offer visitor's the the Empire State activities, sightseeing, dining lodging, trails, history, maps and guides available online through the state's Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, American Hiking Society, SCA, National Forest Foundation, and, of course, vacation-tourism kiosks throughout the Lake George-Adirondack Park.

Golden Sands Resort on Lake George, New York is located in the Lake George Park, within the 6 million acre Adirondack State Park only 200 miles north of New York City, and 150 miles south of Montreal, Canada.

       Visit and see us now on video:

New York State Parks and Historic Sites dot New York State comprising 11 regions from the Niagara Region (Niagara Falls), western New York, to the Long Island Region, offering travelers family fun, nature and watchable wildlife, biodiversity, nature centers, walking and hiking, rock climbing, boating, kayaking, history and reenactments, landscapes, nature centers for kids, lakes and beaches, camping, and more! ,which is directly on the beautiful shores of Lake George, is centrally located to all Lake George-Adirondack State Park attractions and activities!  Call us today for more Lake George family vacation information at: (518) 668-2203.  For more New York State Parks information, visit - Enjoy New York State parks and recreation! Spring, 2013

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March 21, 2013
Spring, 2013 - Cardinal and "Ice Out"

Spring at Lake George, New York is a special time when the lake completely thaws!  Known as "Ice-Out," it's a celebration of spring, and the unofficial start to some of summer!  Spring is also known as "mud season," a time in the Lake George-Adirondack mountains when the ground also thaws, so bring your boots for hiking Lake George mountain trails!

Spring follows winter as one of the four northeast seasons, and by time winter ends, and spring begins, many are ready for more temperate weather, sunshine, outdoor activities, and of course, Lake George fishing.

The spring equinox brings longer days, and symbolic concepts of rejuvenation, bringing colorful spring flowers and the budding of trees and bushes.

Spring also represents the increased tilt of the Earth relative to the Sun adding increased daylight and warmth leading to summer, a time families head to lake George, New York for family vacation time, Lake George-Adirondack peace and quiet, and family gatherings! is a "Family Atmosphere" resort motel located directly on the shores of beautiful Lake George, New York!  We offer comfortable lakeview rooms with 15 mile views, free kayaks, and we're only 3 miles to Lake George Village!

Golden Sands Resort on Lake George welcomes Spring, 2013, and welcomes our return guests, their families, and you enjoy the "Golden Sands Resort" Lake George experience!

Happy Spring, 2013, and we'll see you this summer!


                                       Golden Sands Resort's Wide Natural Sandy Beach!

2013 Lake George Americade Tour Rally

Here Comes the 2013 Americade Motorcycle Tour Rally - June 2nd through June 8th, 2013
                                                  Posted: February 23, 2013

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         Golden Sands Resort (518) 668-2203 3654 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George, NY 12845
                          Only 3 miles from Lake George Village and the Heart of Americade!

Here comes the Lake George, New York 31th Annual 2013 Americade Motorcycle Tour Rally, held in June every year here in the beautiful Lake George-Adirondack region.  This 2013, Americade officially starts June 4th and ends June 8th (June 3rd for pre-registration); however, we hear the event has been extended to June 1st through June 8th as the even grows, and so many Americaders enjoy the quieter beginning of the week as opposed to the finale weekend crowds and events.

Entering its 31st year here at Lake George, New York, Americade is a fun motorcycle event for those who love motorcycles, and Golden Sands Resort Motel on Lake George is only 3 miles from the heart of Americade on the main drag, so ride, enjoy all the Americade events, then relax at Golden Sands Resort in a quiet lakeside room with a fifteen mile view, recharge your Americade batteries, and head back again into the action and riding the Lake George-Adirondack mountains!  Call Golden Sands Resort at: (518) 668-2203 today!

2013 Lake George Americade activities and events range from scenic rides, tour expos, trade shows, stores, and forum, Americade gifts, registration packages, dinners, bike ride demos, themed Lake George boating cruises, nature, seminars, clinics, evening fireworks, and 2013 Americade motorcycle judging. Vendor tents are set up along beautiful beach Road in Lake George Village, where you'll find demo rides, speakers, mountain bike tours, scavenger hunts, poker runs, and much more!

Relax in one of Golden Sands Resort lakeside rooms for Americade!  Call today! (518) 668-2203